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Testosterone Testosterone


  • Purity: >98%
  • CAS No: 58-22-0
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Transport Package: Aluminum Foil Bag or as Required
  • Product description:

Test Base - Testosterone Base Description

The testosterone base usually defines the basis or basis for the synthesis of testosterone. In the laboratory, synthetic testosterone is usually modified by including esters. The laboratory can create a variety of testosterone in this way.

Testosterone base is the most effective form of testosterone because it has no esters. The ester attached to the basic drug-in this case the testosterone basis-can affect the rate of absorption, for example by slowing it down. Esters also affect the half-life or length of time for their components to remain effective in the body or to transmit certain activities or processes.

Testosterone is the undisputed king of substances mainly because it is safe, as it can quickly gain weight and energy while maintaining libido, happiness and energy. Initial users are given 15-20 pounds of LBM during standard puberty and meet at the same time. Pure Test has a water-based (suspension) form and a solvent / oil-based (test base) form.


Testosterone                            CAS 58-22-0

Testosterone Propionate           CAS  57-85-2

Testosterone Enanthate           CAS  315-37-7

Testosterone Decanoate          CAS  5721-91-5

Testosterone Acetate              CAS  1045-69-8

Testosterone Phenylpropionate CAS 1255-49-8

Testosterone Cypionate            CAS  58-20-8

Testosterone Isocaproate        CAS 15262-86-9

Testosterone undecanoate    CAS  5949-44-0

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